Modern Trends That Will Enhance Your Master Bedroom

Master bedrooms not only provide a place to sleep, but they can also become peaceful sanctuaries where homeowners retreat each day to wind down and relieve stress. Creating the ideal space is not difficult since today’s trendiest decorating styles allow you to express your personal taste and even capture regional charm. For example, if you are choosing bedroom furniture Grandview Washington, you could opt for a classic rustic look that reflects the area’s scenic beauty or decide to make a completely unique decorating statement. The hottest contemporary decorating styles allow for tremendous creativity because they work with a wide range of colors, furniture, and accent pieces.

Farmhouse Chic Is Always In

The term “farmhouse” may conjure up images of rough-hewn cabins and unpainted floors.  However, modern farmhouse chic consists of a finished, inviting style that leaves lots of room for individuality. For instance, when choosing a bed you can select from country classic bed frames that combine warmth and flair. Add coordinating elements like bedding, rugs, artwork, curtains, and lighting that suit your taste and you have a custom farmhouse style.


Bohemian Bedrooms Offer Casual Comfort

Soft, relaxing bohemian bedrooms reflect a modern emphasis on organic materials and earth-tones. The look is airy and uses colors like cognac, black, cream, and lots of white. Bedding continues the neutral palette and includes super comfy materials like faux fur. Since the boho mode is all about nature, you’ll want to add as much greenery as possible. Include natural elements like leather, wood, and stone to round out the look.


Unique Elements Bring Minimalist Decorating Alive 

If you enjoy a minimalist look, you can use space, lighting and select objects to create an impact without sacrificing valuable room. Sticking to the bare essentials not only creates a clean look, but it is also very trendy. You can add your own twist with quirky light fixtures and eclectic elements like an Oriental screen, colorful woven rug, or eye-catching black and white wall prints. 

Mid-Century Elements Can Enhance Modern Rooms 

Fans of mid-century furniture from the 1960s and 1970s are in luck because the sleek, attractive pieces are back in vogue. On-trend furnishings include minimalist wood bed frames, brassy finishes, and chairs with leggy focal points. The design also demands streaming natural light. Throw in a sculptural lighting fixture and you have a functional element that is also a work of art. If you want to go all-in with your mid-century style, consider wallpapering one wall and painting the rest all white, to contrast with wood furnishings.


A  Well-Coordinated Messy Look Is Charming

If today’s clean, spare decorating themes aren’t quite your cup of tea, you might be comfortable designing a deliberately messy master bedroom. Instead of choosing a traditional dresser, you could opt for a portable clothes hangar and surround it with artfully arranged pieces that seem to have been tossed there. It’s really more of a casual look that depends on items being draped or placed unconventionally.


Night Tables Make All the Difference 

Bedside tables may not be the centerpieces of master bedrooms, but they can still change the mood of a room. For instance, golden nightstands are currently the rage among designers. They add a touch of warmth to neutral colors and act as attractive accents. However, your night table should reflect your personal style as well as your bedroom’s design. For example, you might repurpose older tables, choose glass bed stands, or opt for lovely custom wooden bed tables.

Use Color to Make a Statement

You can change your master bedroom’s look entirely just by altering its colors. Simple white or off-white walls are the perfect backdrops for colorful accents and bedding. Alternatively, you might choose to paint the walls bright, bold colors to create a playful look that is cheerful even when it’s cold and dark outdoors. Jewel-tones like sapphire blue, ruby red and emerald are very popular for walls and they work with a variety of decorating themes.  

If your master bedroom isn’t the personal haven you need it to be, you don’t have to remodel to get an on-trend style that you love to come home to. Simply replacing your bedframe, night table, and lighting fixtures make all the difference. Add stylish wall colors and throw in some unique accents to revitalize your space completely.

Posted October 08, 2019

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