New Furniture Trends That Will Spruce up Your Home in 2019

One of the best parts about having your own home is having the ability to recreate and redesign it. Over the many years people own a home, most homeowners will buy home furnishing accessories and furniture to upgrade the functionality, design, and comfort of their living space. This can be especially true for the living room furniture and bedroom furniture. These are the two areas of a home that see the most changes over the years. 

Generally, many people who redecorate their home will opt for furnishings that offer them a few new important features they feel are needed or wanted. However, over the last two decades, some of the quality of furnishings has declined. Too often people today shop for short term furnishings based on design without looking at the longer-term strategy of shopping. Furniture is always considered an investment in functionality, design, comfort, and usage. Overall, people who are redesigning a home shop furniture by room

Important Furniture and Furnishings Features to Look For 

While buying new furnishings for a room or several rooms in a home can offer homeowners upgrades to functionality and comfort, it also allows for a great chance for home redecorating improvements and improving energy savings. When looking to view new furnishings for a home, it is important to search out great furniture that addresses long-term needs. 

Top things to consider when shopping for furniture are the style and size, design, colors and fabric, comfort, functionality, cost, materials, quality, durability and longevity, energy impact, and whether the piece is name brand and comes with a warranty. Each of these features in furnishings affects the overall value of the piece of furniture bought as well as its enjoyment. In many cases, people choose two or three of these amenities for their furnishings and forget the rest. While getting the best of furnishings in all these areas may not be easy, it is best to not settle for sub-par in several of these key areas for furniture amenities. 

Most of the new furniture trends today use a wide variety of colors and materials. Many consumers are concerned about buying furniture that uses earth-friendly materials. That is why the production of eco-friendly furniture is on the rise. This is great news for the furniture buyers who are looking to reduce their consumer waste and encourage a more sustainable environment. However, without ensuring the furnishings have durability and are made from quality materials, the investment may fall short. 

Current Furniture Design Trends 

One of the greatest new trends is furnishings that are durable and eco-friendly. This often means that the materials used in furniture construction are renewable, recyclable and designed to last for a longer time. More eco-friendly woods and natural wood tones without heavy use of stain coloring is part of this trend. Since most wood stains are not eco-friendly, this has been taken out of wood furniture that is being created, designed and marketed as eco-friendly. 

There is also a big trend towards orthopedic furniture designs both in bedding and recliners. Additionally, multi-use furnishings like futons, daybeds, and sleepers are also one the rise in popularity. While sectionals still have their devotees, many people are looking for furnishings that take up less space and have flexibility in usage. 

Handcrafted furniture is also making a comeback. Part of this trend is because the high quality and unique designs afforded by this type of furniture craftsmanship have been lacking. The void in quality and design for many people has brought consumers back to this type of furniture. 

In the bedrooms, luxe headboards instead of plain wood or cabinetry are making a huge splash in bedroom furniture design. The soft velvet cloths and brilliant colors add a great amount of flair and comfort to a bedroom. The precept of the design is to encourage the feelings of comfort and color to any bedroom. 

When it comes to accent furniture such as shelving and side tables, the use of metal and glass base designs has been on the rise in the last few years. These furniture pieces tend to help a room look and feel more spacious and less cluttered. 

No matter what room is being shopped for, one of the more notable trends is the use of vibrant colors and earth tones in furniture. While traditional furnishings have a steady consumer base, many consumers are adding accent furnishings with bright colors to liven up their décor. Chairs, headboards, tables, lamps, and shelving can all be found in various bright color schemes to enhance any room’s décor. The use of earth tones has also on the rise for consumers who like a more natural look and feel.


Posted March 15, 2019

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