Bed Style Ideas That Add Value to The Room

Bedrooms have become a private oasis for many homeowners. It can turn into a relaxing retreat following a hard day of work and play. In addition, your bed should become the focal point of your bedroom. It can help create the aesthetic that you're looking for. Here are seven beds and bed frames based on style and material so you can find the right one for you.

Headboard With Basic Frame

This two-part bed comes with a metal frame that's paired with a headboard. It doesn't contain rails on the foot of the bed or on the sides. It's one of the most affordable and flexible options since it goes with any style bedroom. The parts are available at different price points and are often easy to assemble by yourself. They're also convenient enough to switch on a regular basis. There are three options for a standalone headboard: bedframe mounted, freestanding, or wall mounted.

Headboard With Side Rails

This is another modern style that has become popular in recent years. It features a headboard with side rails and no footboard. This style is often coupled with matching rails and an upholstered headboard which comes in wood. But it also comes in a wide variety of modern designs that feature clean and simple lines. The way that the headboard blends in beautifully with the rails makes for a cohesive finish. 

Headboard With Footboard

This modern bed is often seen in children's rooms. It's often sold with a bookcase headboard or an under-based drawer. It features a wide variety of bed styles -- ranging from metal beds to wood styles. Oftentimes, the headboard is situated taller than the footboard. It also features a distinctive pattern or detailing that's seen on both.

Platform Bed

A platform bed is one of the simplest and most stylish beds around. It's perfect for those who love clean lines, simple designs, and the minimalist lifestyle. Even though it's one of the simplest designs, the platform bed has been around since the mid-century. This modern style bed is often made in natural woods.

It also sits lower to the ground than most modern or traditional styles. It usually features a headboard, but no footboard. It either features delicate legs or a solid base that sums up this clean design. Platform beds sometimes come with slats instead of a box spring, which adds height to its appearance. There are various types of platform beds you can find at a bedroom furniture store, some of which come as a complete bedroom set.

Sleigh Bed 

The sleigh bed is one of the most classic beds of all time. It features an arch-shaped headboard that's similar to the one seen on the front of an old-fashioned sleigh, hence the name. Some of the most traditional styles feature a headboard and footboard, while the modern versions streamline the headboard with the rails. Sleigh beds are one of the best options, as they provide additional space in large or small bedrooms.

Four-Poster Bed

The four-poster bed is another classic that dates back to the 16th century. You'll feel as if you're sleeping at a bed and breakfast. It features four decorative posts that are secured to each corner of the bed. These beds often feature a headboard but don't come with a footboard. The height of this bed will vary by style. There are some designs that have the mattress almost touching the ceiling. Four post beds often feature ornate detailing in some way. This detailing can be found on the posts or within the accents carved into the sides of the bed.

Canopy Bed

Canopy beds feature rising posts like four post beds but are connected with crossbeams at the top. This is another classic bed that's often decorated with fabric, which is often left open or tied closed. Canopy beds aren't just common in most adult bedrooms. They're also a hit among little girls. 

Both traditional and modern styles of these beds create a sense of romance with either flowy or straight lines. Canopy beds look best in master bedrooms that have high ceilings. When having this bed style in your room, you should leave six inches of walking space. That way you have room for your bedroom dressers and other furniture. 

This is just a shortened list of the most common bed styles. There are plenty more out there. It's important to find a bed style that fits your budget, lifestyle, and personal needs. Then you can determine which style will reflect the aesthetic that you're going for.


Posted June 13, 2019

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