Decorating Trends That Will Transform Your Living Spaces in WA

Your living space is where you can relax from a long day at work and enjoy spending time with your loved ones. If you feel that your living space just isn't as fun as you want it to be, it's time to make a change. Here are some great decorating trends that you should consider incorporating in your own living space that will change the way that you use it.

Consider The Theatre Experience

Home entertainment systems are becoming a popular trend for many families. In fact, more and more homes are having rooms devoted specifically to viewing movies in pleasure. From comfortable lounge seating to ambient speakers, homeowners are creating a theatre-like experience that can be enjoyed from the comfort of their own home. Instead of spending money going to the movie cinema, you can invite friends over and enjoy the movie at your home. Plus, you get the added benefit of pausing the movie for bathroom breaks.

Open Concept Design

More and more homes are undergoing a modernization that is sporting the open concept design. This allows for easy access to a conversation from multiple rooms of your home. For example, home furnishing stores will show designs where there is an open space between the living room, dining room, and kitchen. This allows for a more freeing open space that lets people in all three rooms enjoy partaking in conversation with one another.

Comfortability Is In

Look up any furniture stores near me and you'll see a broad selection of comfortable seating. From recliners to rockers, there are many options to choose from. While many designers of the past praised the overall look of the room instead of comfort, that's starting to be inverted. Now, designers are looking for ways to make rooms more comfortable and usable for the people who live in them. When deciding on decorating pieces for your home, be sure to think about your comfort and functionality before considering the room design.

Make a Bold Splash

If there's one way to sum up living room design in 2019 it is bold hues. Traditionally, grays, whites and lighter colors were considered the norm for wall covering. However, the pales are going out and the bolds are marching in. Many new design trends are utilizing wall coverings of deeper and bolder colors. The most popular are navies, sage greens, and rich purples. There's really no color that can't be used on the spectrum.

Compact Luxury

When you think of a luxury home, it's likely that you think of a fireplace among many other special features. The newest trend for the middle-class is to have these luxury items on a compact scale. Luxury homes get their main existence from both the features they have and the amount of space they offer. With average homes, you just don't have the space attribute of the luxury design. But you can certainly add in the features of luxury on a smaller scale. For example, you may consider placing a small fireplace in a sleek mantel design in your living room. This will bring the feature of luxury, a fireplace, into your average home design.

Incorporate Metals

If you're going for the modern look, then you're going to need to include some of those metal colors into your design. While you won't need to necessarily ensure they have the same metallic finish, you should ensure that the colors you choose flow well together. From the basics of stainless-steel appliances in the kitchen to metal backsplashes, incorporating metal can be quite easy to do and make a world of difference in how your living space appears.

Add The Greenery

Whether you call it flower power or the attribute of relaxation, adding greenery to your home can be a great way to make it more soothing. If you're not a green thumb, you may consider using faux plants that give the sense of real greenery. It doesn't really matter what types of plants you decide to use, just ensure that you enjoy looking at them. Pay close attention to the maintenance needs of these household plants so that you can be assured you'll be able to keep them long-term. 

Transforming your living space is something that you probably contemplate from time to time. You want to provide a fresh look while still making it functional for your everyday living. The above design trends are some that you should really consider adding to your home to give yourself that fresh new look that you'll be thankful you did.

Posted May 24, 2019

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