Ways You Can Bring Your Home to Life with the Right Furniture

You may have just moved into your new home. Maybe you’ve lived in the same place, but you just want a major upgrade in your living space. No matter what your reason is for a redesign, you can bring your home to life with the right furniture. You may ask, “Which furniture store near me has what I want?” However, one of the first steps you need to do is plan the layout of your space. When doing this consider the function of each piece of furniture used in the space. Here are a few more tips for using furniture to bring new life to your home.  

Decide the Style You Want in Your Home 

Before going to a furniture store Tri City, WA, it’s important to know what type of decor you want to liven up your home. Make a list of textures, colors, and patterns you want. Also, pick out a furniture style that appeals to you such as:


If you’re bold enough, you can mix and match these furniture styles. This will add personality and extra style to your home

Evaluate Your Existing Furniture and Decor 

It’s time to evaluate your existing decor. You want to take a hard look at the furniture you already have in your home. Is there any furniture you want to keep? Are there any pieces that will work with the furniture specials Tri City, WA you’re interested in buying? 

There is no problem mixing new and existing furniture, colors, textures, and styles together in one space. You can even choose different rooms for different styles. You can consider having a contemporary living room, traditional dining room, and a casual bedroom. By taking a critical look at your existing space, you can determine what you need. 

Position the Furniture in a Way that Brings Your Home to Life 

The next part of the planning phase is to think about each space in your home and how furniture should be positioned. For example, consider the room’s function. You want to decide the main function of each room to help you place the first pieces of furniture. For example, if the room will be meant for entertainment, you will want to place chairs about 8 feet from each other to facilitate conversation.

Next, decide the focal point of each room. For example, one room may have a large window that is a focal point. Other types of focal points are fireplaces, a TV, or a statue. You’ll use the furniture as an accessory to the particular item. This will enhance the focal point. Every space will have a focal point whether it is part of the room or a piece of furniture you want to keep in the space. 

Last, prioritize large pieces. Think about the layout of each space by using the largest furniture first. Sofas and beds are typically considered larger pieces. Once you know where the bigger pieces of furniture will go, you can place smaller items around them to fill the rest of the space. 

It’s important to think about other things such as designing the layout of the room to keep traffic moving. You don’t want furniture impeding foot traffic in a space. Try not to block any paths to the exits with any items. The most important part of a space is comfort and functionality.


Additional Tips to Help You Rejuvenate the Look of Your Home 

One of the first things you must do is to be honest about your lifestyle. Everyone wants that home that looks like it could be featured in a home decorating magazine. However, if you have two toddlers, a 200-pound dog or three frisky cats, then seriously consider practical fabric choices for furniture and curtains. 

You also want to decide what type of furniture style is most important to you. For example, you may want to start slowly replacing furniture if your budget won’t allow you to buy all new furniture. This means that you can slowly make your home come to life piece by piece of furniture. 

If you are ready to update your home, you may be thinking that it is going to cost a lot of money. However, simply updating a few pieces of furniture can make a big difference in a space. Start researching today to see what simple changes you can make to breathe new life into your home.

Posted March 08, 2019

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