What Makes The Dining Room Such An Important Part Of The Home?

There is no question that family life has changed over the past few generations, and the traditional dining room may seem like a relic of the past when so many families grab food on the run or eat in front of the television. However, as people are becoming more conscious of the dangers of fast food and the benefits of family meals, the dining room is coming back into prominence as one of the most important rooms in the house. The following are some of the top reasons why more and more people nowadays love their dining room.

Freedom From Distractions

One of the top benefits of having dinner in a dining room is the fact that you can be free from noise and other distractions. Typically, a dining room is a technology-free space; there are no beeping microwaves, ice machines, dishwashers, or televisions competing for attention. When a family sits down together around the dinner table to share a meal, they can focus on enjoying food, conversation, and companionship. 

Health Benefits

It has also been well established that family meals shared at a common table are good for the health of each family member. In fact, studies have linked family meals to lower rates of obesity, lower rates of depression, and better academic performance in children. One reason for these benefits is the fact that meals prepared for a family typically include more vegetables than the meals people prepare just for themselves. In addition, when children eat with their parents, they are less likely to develop unhealthy eating behaviors or disorders. 

A Place To Entertain

When people come over for dinner, the dining room truly becomes the heart of the home. The style of entertaining has changed over the past twenty years, and formal dinner parties with fine china, linens, and multi-course meals seem to be a thing of the past. However, people still love spending time and sharing food with friends, and the dining room provides a space where people can eat, drink, and socialize, even if they’re using paper plates and plastic cups. 

Choosing the right furniture can create the perfect setting for your style of entertaining. There are dining room furniture sets to fit any personal style, from formal and traditional to modern and relaxed. 

A Multi-Purpose Room

A dining room doesn’t just have to be used for a single purpose. If you don’t plan to have nightly sit-down dinners, there’s no reason not to expand the space to other purposes, while still preserving it as a place to eat and entertain when needed. A dining room can be the perfect place to store dishes and table linens, for example, freeing up space in the kitchen cabinets. A dining room can also double as a library with bookshelves or floor-to-ceiling shelving. 

The right shelving and cabinetry can increase the functionality of a dining room without taking away its main purpose. Visit a dining room furniture store to check out storage solutions that will allow you to get the most use out of your space.

Higher Resale Value

A well-designed dining room can also boost the resale value of your home. Most home buyers like to see an attractive and functional dining room because it makes the house seem complete. If you’re looking for ways to beautify your dining room, these are a few relatively low-cost improvements that can make a big difference:

The dining room is an important part of the home because it’s the place where family members and friends can come together to share a meal and conversation. A dining room doesn’t have to be formal and elegant. You can put together a look that fits your personal style and needs. Check out Marchant Home Furnishings to see a wide range of furniture and accessories that can help you create the dining room of your dreams.  

Posted November 06, 2019

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